Career Opportunity

Vacancy:   Trainee Investment Executive

This is a unique opportunity to enter a private equity company in the North East of England. The role provides an introduction to private equity and venture capital, something that does not come around too often. As such it will require the post holder to carry out a wide variety of tasks, many routine but all challenging.

 The opportunity

The Trainee Investment Executive will work as part of the Investment Team, under supervision, to assist and learn the investment process. This will enable the successful applicant to eventually, probably after 6-9 months but still under supervision, start managing investment deals. To get to this point the successful applicant will receive on the job training and supervision, be expected to study for and pass the IMC (Investment Management Certificate) exams and to be recognised and awarded an FCA number to be part of our Fund team. 

Summary of responsibilities

The successful applicant will work, under supervision initially, to assist team members in attracting, assessing, analysis and processing of investment opportunities in line with the objectives of the Company and any investment policies for specific funds for which they have responsibility. The job holder will report to the Head of Equity Investments on all aspects of the operation of the Company and investment process. Direction and performance review will however be carried out by the Directors of the Company, as will any professional training and supervision. The successful applicant will carry out the duties in line with the mission, value and methodology laid out by the Directors and Board of Rivers Capital Partners Ltd as they see fit in relation to the Company and any specific funds placed under management. The processes and operations of any Fund will form part of this job description and will be detailed in a separate document. 

Further information:

About Rivers Capital Partners Ltd

Rivers Capital Partners is an investment management business specialising in growth capital, equity and loan. The business is an active investor and also creates and develops funds and syndicates with a range of partners. We manage the £10.5m North East Angel Fund, have raised £12m additional capital and also operate the £7.5m Microloan Funds, funds in the North East of England operated by Finance for Business. Finance for Business North East is a £125m publicly-backed venture capital fund. 

About Hamilton Gold LLP

The Hamilton Gold Co-Investment Club is designed to leverage investment from the current pool of High Net worth Individuals across the North East of England. There is a portfolio of potential applicants, all of which are established and trading manufacturing and production companies. Hamilton Gold Co-Investment Club acts as a middle man, bringing together investors and investees and carrying out analysis on the latter. The Hamilton Gold Fund is designed to tap into the potential in businesses that are at a transformational point in their lifecycle. This is a £25m Fund which already has a  cornerstone investment in collaboration with Hamilton Capital Partners and is seeking a further £20m as well as securing fixed interest loan facilities. The Fund will make mezzanine loans to un-listed SMEs in the North East of England. The type of businesses targeted by the Fund will be those which have demonstrable strong revenues and client bases with the potential to utilize capital rapidly for growth, whether that is via increased production or expansion into new markets.The Fund will also target businesses requiring capital for management buy-ins and buy-outs plus buy-and-build, general acquisitions and expansion strategies.


 If you are interested in this position please contact:

 Mr Nikita Bazko

Head of Equity Investments

                  Tel: 0191 230 6370