Why work with us?

The Entrepreneurs Fund Manager ‘Rivers Capital Partners’ has been investing for growth since 2010.  Founded as a joint venture by Jonathan Gold, John White and Peter Hiscocks with a vision to use our entrepreneurial backgrounds to provide investment for other entrepreneurs.                             

We know that the ‘next big thing’ can have the smallest beginnings.  Our experiences as entrepreneurs mean we do things differently.  Like you, we are interested in your success.  Now, transferring our experience in founding and growing businesses, we want to help businesses achieve their aspirations.

As business founders and entrepreneurs in our own right we know what it’s like to run a business.  We strive to take the entrepreneurs position, how you might view your own business. All our senior team have created, successfully managed and raised finance for their own businesses.

Centred in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Durham and Leeds in the North of England our connections reach investors and entrepreneurs in London, Manchester, Cambridge and other clusters of venture investment.

Rivers Capital Partners brings together over 50 years direct investment experience in the creation and growth of companies in markets from technology to design.

We can help turn your business into an investable proposition, identify the right finance and help you raise it.

Call 0191 230 6370 or email  to find out more about our investment process.